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Responsible and end-to-end value chain of shrimp

With the goal of building a sustainable eco-system, for the goodness, over the years, Minh Phu has been constantly striving to consolidate the interior, expand cooperation with external partners, to build the end-to- end value chain of shrimp production based on two main criteria:

1- Not only bringing high economic efficiency; but also ensure the most harmonious benefit for all involved parties.

2- Each individual and unit in each production step must understand and have the highest responsibility for their work and products.

Therefore, in Minh Phu, the products not only meet the best quality standards, but also accompanied by great resonance values, making the difference that hard to compete from competitors in the same industry.

Minh Phu AquaMekong Research Institution

  • Shrimp pathology, disease prevention, and control.
  • Domestication and selection of broodstock of Black tiger and Vannamei.
  • Biosecurity in hatcheries and shrimp farms.
  • Diseases-free seed production technology.
  • Antibiotic-free farming protocols. Sustainable shrimp farming technology.
  • Probiotics and feed additives.
Trại giống

Minh Phu Ninh Thuan Aquatic Larvae Co., Ltd.

  • BAP Certified.
  • 2015: 2 billion Post Larvae/year. The proportion between Black Tiger and Vannamei is 30:70.
  • 2020: 10 billion Post Larvae/year. The proportion will be 50:50.
  • Applying new technologies helping increases the survival rate:
    • during transformation: >60%;
    • during farming: >80%.
  • Bio-security is strictly controlled à the breeders are free of EMS, EHP, and other types of disease.

Grominh Joint Venture Feed Production

  • BAP Certification
  • Joint venture with Grobest.
  • Shrimp feed production for Black Tiger and Vannamei.
  • Shrimp nutrients production.



  • Providing: broodstock, feed, micro-biological products
  • Sharing technological expertise.
  • Supervising the cultivation process.
  • Supervising the harvest process.

1. Intensive Farming:



  • BAP Certification.
  • Start in 2011 - 302 ha - 250 ponds.
  • Intensive farming - 2 cycles/year.
  • Bio-technology ensures the shrimp is free of antibiotic and chemical residue.
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  • BAP, Global GAP Certification.
  • Start in 2006 - 600 ha - 900 ponds.
  • Intensive farming - 2 cycles/year.
  • Bio-technology ensures the shrimp is free of antibiotic and chemical residue.
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2. Extensive Farming:



  • The total area that participates in Minh Phu supply chain is 50,000 ha.
  • BAP, ASC, BIO-SUISSE, MANGROVE SHRIMP, ORGANIC EU certified: 4,500 ha = 2,500 tons of capacity.
  • Protected by government’s Forest Management Board (FMB).
  • Specialized in extensive farming of: Black Tiger Shrimp.
  • Applying environmentally friendly farming techniques to ensure the shrimp consume
    only natural feeds. Guaranteed - 100% free of antibiotic and chemical residue.
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Che bien- Ca mau

Minh Phu Ca Mau: Head quarter & Processing complex

  • Grand opening in 1999. Capacity: 36,000 MT of finished products annually.
  • 200 professional engineers, 7,500 skilled workers.
  • Modern equipments consistently upgraded to meet the market’s demand for quality
    and safety.
  • Certification: BAP, ASC, Global G.A.P., ISO 14000, ISO 22000, BSCI, WRC,

Che bien - Hau Giang

Minh Phu Hau Giang Seafood Corp.

  • Grand Opening in 3rd quarter, 2011 - One of the largest and most modern plants in
    South East Asia.
  • Strategic location: ideal for domestic and international logistics.
  • Total area: 10 ha: Processing Plant, Cold Storage, Office Building, Container Port
    access, Packaging, etc.
  • Capacity: 40,000 MT finished products annually.
  • 250 professional engineers, 5,000 skilled workers projected to be 7,500 in the future.
  • Certification: BAP, ASC, Global G.A.P., ISO 14000, ISO 22000, BSCI, WRC,

xuat khau

Mekong Logistics Joint Stock Company

  • 50,000-pallet cold storage.
  • 20,000-ton dry storage.
  • Intra-Vietnam and International transport.
  • Port & container yard operations.


Exporting & Delivery Network

  • Supporting the import of Minh Phu’s products into the US and Japan markets.
  • Deliver goods to Minh Phu’s existing customers.
  • Customer care and Quality service.